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Inspecting a Gemstone

Miller’s Diamond Jewelry offers a range of service and repair options for jewelry and watches, including custom design and fabrication, sizing, prong work, gemstone setting, watch battery replacement, watch repair, and band replacement. The majority of our service and repair is done in-house by our own team of LaserStar-certified experts. Pricing for service and repair varies and is quoted to order based on the type of piece and scope of the job. Stop in the store and our experts will be happy to give you a service quote.

Ring Sizing

Ring SizingPricing is determined based on the type of metal, whether the sizing needs to go larger or smaller, the number of gemstones in the piece, the width of the shank, and the scope of the job. During resizing, all gemstones are checked and tightened and the ring is refinished.

Prong Work

Prong WorkWe rebuild (completely replace a prong that has snapped off) and re-tip (flow metal over existing prongs) prongs in-house. Prong work is available for most metals. Pricing is determined on an individual basis, based on the type of repair needed, the type of metal used, the scope of the job, and the amount of metal needed to make the repair.

Gemstone Setting

Gemstone SettingWhether you’re adding a new gemstone to a new or an existing piece, or you’re replacing a gemstone that’s falling out, our experts are qualified to set gemstones in your piece. Pricing is based on the size and cut of the gemstone, the type of mounting, type of the metal being used, and the scope of the job.


RemountingIf you have a new or existing gemstone and would like to and put it in something new and fresh, or perhaps you have a ring you’d like to transform into a pendant, our experts specialize in remounting your gemstones to make a beautiful new piece full of the history and beauty treasured for generations!

Battery Replacement

Battery ReplacementWe replace all types of watch batteries, no matter the quality of watch. Done while you wait, in most cases. We offer lifetime batteries on Miller’s watches – batteries included, for the lifetime of the customer!

Watch Repair

Watch RepairWe repair mechanical and quartz watches of all types (from Rolex to Timex), and we offer watch band sizing adjustments, repairs and replacements, most of which our experts do on site.

Stop in the store and one of our experts can evaluate your piece and help you determine the best way to revitalize it.