5 Times You Should Take Off Your Rings

Five Times You Should Take Off Your Rings

The honeymoon is over and it’s time to get back to normal life, and you want your gorgeous rings to last long enough that they can become beautiful heirlooms, right? We see damaged rings in our store every day for service, and sometimes that damage can be prevented.

Here are a few times you should take your rings off and store them in a safe place:

1. Working Out

Whether you’re just taking it easy on an elliptical, going on a run, or hitting it hard in the weight room, the gym is no place for diamonds. For one, sweat will dull the brilliance of your precious metals and gemstones. But heavy blows to your rings can bend them out of shape causing stones to loosen or fall out, or even crack.

2. Cleaning

Harsh chemicals can take quite a toll on your gemstones and precious metals, sometimes even changing their color. Not to mention, no one has ever scrubbed a stubborn spot slowly & gently, and all that elbow grease can really bang up your beautiful ring!

3. Cooking

Do you really want ground beef jammed under your diamond? No? Doesn’t sound appetizing to us either.

4. Swimming

If there’s one time you MUST take your rings off, it’s when you’re swimming. Cool water can shrink your fingers, making it easy for them to slip off and get lost, for one. Chlorine, on the other hand, can damage and discolor the mounting of your ring and your gold or white-gold setting. There’s no good reason to wear your ring in the pool or the lake!

5. Moisturizing

That creamy moisturizer makes your hands feel amazing, but make your ring look dull and dirty over time. Once your hands have dried, slip that sparkle back on and you’ll look great!