Celebrating 20 Years as Second Generation Owners

Bud Miller, Mike Miller, Deb Miller, Jessica Miller August 2016

In November 1997, Michael and Deb Miller had just started their family in Los Angeles. At that time Michael’s father, Bud Miller, was considering retirement after 46 years in business as the owner of Miller’s Diamond Jewelry, and Michael and Deb agreed to move back to Mansfield to help liquidate the business.

“After working in the store alongside his father for a couple of months, Mike realized how much he enjoyed working in the business. Mike and Bud began talks about Mike purchasing the business, and shortly thereafter the sale was concluded. It gave both if us great joy to assist his father in his goal to retire, and carry on the family business,” reflects Deb Miller.

Two decades later, the Miller family is still proudly at the helm of Miller’s Diamond Jewelry, a family-owned jewelry store that has thrived for 66 years in Mansfield because of their quality products and expert jewelers.

“Running a family business in Mansfield has allowed us to both be very present parents, something not possible for us in the NYC or LA areas,” share the Millers, whose son Kyle and daughter Jessica are now both in college.

The past two decades have not been without changes to the store. In 2005, the Millers decided to relocate the business from its original location on the square in Downtown Mansfield to the Appleseed Center in 2005. Mike Miller is also known for his role as President and CEO of the Renaissance Performing Arts Association. Today, he splits his time between the two positions and Deb manages the day-to-day operations of the store.

“Like Mike, it didn’t take long for me to realize how enjoyable it was to be in the business, and how important was the services we provide the community,” shares Deb Miller.

When asked about the highlights of twenty years of small business ownership in Mansfield, both Mike and Deb Miller warmly reflected on the patronage of the local customers, saying, “We regularly see customers who purchased jewelry 20 years ago or more. The quality pieces they purchased are still providing them joy these many years later, or are being passed down for generations. So often our customers say they wouldn’t shop anywhere else, for the quality, service, and sense of belonging to our ‘Miller Family’ they have, and continue to receive, throughout the generations.”

The Millers attest their customer loyalty to their business’ commitment to quality since its inception. “Every week we see people who purchased items elsewhere, at chain store or online, for example, and the pieces were constructed poorly, repaired poorly, or misrepresented. The most common thing we hear from them is ‘I should have gone to Millers!’ And we’re glad when they do.”

Miss Ohio’s Custom Ring

This Saturday when Miss Ohio 2017 is crowned, she will also be the recipient of a custom diamond ring exclusive to Miss Ohio. Local independent jewelers, Mike and Deb Miller of Mansfield’s Miller’s Diamond Jewelry, have designed and are donating the custom-designed ring valued at $1,500 to the Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant.  


While Miss Ohio has received a ring as a part of her prize package for many years, this is only the second year that a Mansfield jeweler has created the piece. In the past, a jeweler from Zanesville had modified a class ring to become Miss Ohio’s ring.


“We wanted something more feminine and fashionable for a modern Miss Ohio. We designed a lacey design in white gold that cleverly hides the script “Miss Ohio” that you wouldn’t notice at first glance, but would once you look closely. It’s topped off with a 10-point diamond,” shares Mike Miller.

The Miss Ohio ring, while extremely beautiful, also carries within it generations of Mansfield history. Cast in white gold, the ring is created entirely from gold jewelry from Mansfield-area residents. Miller’s Jewelry purchases gold jewelry that may be a family heirloom, an item broken beyond repair, or an antique that doesn’t fit with an individual’s particular style.


“Our family has been involved for decades with the Miss Ohio pageant, from my dad who supported it decades ago, to today where I am happy to be the host in my other position as CEO of the Renaissance Theatre, home of the Miss Ohio pageant. We’re honored to create this special piece for the winner,” states Miller.