The Impact of Shopping Locally

The Impact of Shopping Locally

For 65 years, our business has been locally-owned and operated. As small business owners, we are committed to continuing to invest in our community and in small businesses, and we live that value out by prioritizing the use of vendors based in Ohio, some even right in our town, and through offering a wide array of merchandise made in the United States.

When you give your business to an online retailer or a chain store, only a fraction of your purchase, if that, is retained in your local economy. Your schools, your parks, your local businesses all suffer – and ultimately so do you. In the end, it actually costs you much more to maybe save a few dollars.

When we talk about being job creators, ultimately we want to see that happen right here in Mansfield. When your dollars are retained in the community, small businesses are able to hire the help they need and invest more in other businesses, creating sustainable jobs right here in our community where we need them most. Moreover, when the local economy is thriving, a community can grow and far more jobs are created.

One of the best things about shopping locally, in our opinion, is the relationships we get to form each day with our customers. We have customers who have been married for half a century who still come into the store to celebrate their anniversaries, even after buying their wedding set with us over fifty years ago! The chatbot on your favorite online retailer can never replace the friendly face who knows your taste, knows your story, and cares about finding you the right item – not just the item with the highest profit margin.

At Miller’s, because we are an independent jeweler, we have the ability to offer a unique array of merchandise. There isn’t a corporate office telling us what we can and can’t carry – our staff works with our clients to find merchandise that will excite them and appeal to their unique tastes.

We consider it our greatest honor to help our community choose beautiful and high quality jewelry, watches, and gifts. Thank you for shopping locally!